“正常”皮肤可能很难定义. 你的皮肤对你来说当然是正常的! Normal skin generally does not exhibit one extreme or another when it comes to its appearance. 一般来说,皮肤正常的人毛孔中等. 皮肤质地通常光滑,循环良好.

正常的皮肤会有一些孤立的干燥或油性斑块, 通常是在容易出现这些问题的地区, 比如脸颊, 额头和鼻子. t字区(前额, 下巴和鼻子)可能是油性的, but overall sebum and moisture is balanced and the skin is neither too oily nor too dry. 因此,一些专家也将正常皮肤归类为混合性皮肤.

健康、正常的皮肤的科学术语是无炎皮肤. Your skin makes the right amount of sebum to keep it well-hydrated and moist and is considered balanced.

大多数护肤品都适用于这种皮肤类型, 但一如既往, 我们建议对任何新澳门皇冠体育进行补丁测试或小范围使用!!!



‘Dry skin’ is usually thought of as a skin type that produces less sebum than normal skin. 由于缺乏皮脂, dry skin lacks the lipids that it needs to retain moisture and build a protective barrier. 我们的许多澳门皇冠体育都有助于“屏障保护”,’ which is critical to help protect the skin and body against environmental factors. Your skin is constantly losing water via perspiration and Trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). TEWL是每天皮肤水分的自然、被动扩散. 干燥皮肤的科学术语是“干燥症”。.

年龄在皮肤干燥的发生和恶化中起着很大的作用. Skin that is soft and smooth receives the designation of baby-soft skin; there is a scientific reason that babies have such soft and supple skin. 年轻的皮肤充满了一种叫做透明质酸的物质, 胶原蛋白:胶原蛋白和弹性蛋白的细胞基质中的主要成分. 胶原蛋白是皮肤结构的支撑剂, while elastin is the main factor in your skin’s ability to recover or bounce back.

新生儿体内的透明质酸含量最高, 随着人的成熟,这种物质会慢慢减少. Significantly more women suffer from dry skin than men and all skin gets dryer as it ages. Problems related to dry skin are a common complaint and account for 40% of visits to dermatologists.

要确定你是否有干性皮肤,需要看一些特定的特征. You probably have dry skin if you notice tightness when washing your face; this tightness can persist with exposure to sun or other harsh environmental conditions.

  • Dry skin is also prone to patches of flakiness or redness and can wrinkle more easily than other skin types.
  • 你的皮肤会开裂、脱皮、发痒、发炎或发炎. 如果天气非常干燥, 它可以变得粗糙和鳞片, 尤其是在手背上, 武器, 和腿.


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“油性皮肤”用来描述皮脂分泌增加的皮肤. 分泌过多被称为脂溢症. 在所有的皮肤类型中,油性皮肤是最容易识别的. People with this skin type are prone to breakouts, even when they are well past the teenage years. 用这种皮肤, 你通常会在t区看到痘痘, 包括你的额头, 鼻子和下巴. The texture of your skin is probably coarse and thicker than other people experience. It is also common to notice a greasy sheen to your skin and to have enlarged pores. 不像其他人, 然而, the normal signs of aging might pass you by; the excessive lubrication in your skin means that it probably is less likely to wrinkle.

人们会有油性皮肤有几个原因. 基因、年龄、环境和生活方式都有影响. 年轻人的皮肤往往比较油, 生活方式的因素,如压力或荷尔蒙的变化起着很大的作用!

To determine whether you have oily skin, there are specific traits to look for. 注意“t区”, the region of the face consisting of the 额头和鼻子 which naturally tend to have more active oil glands that may produce excess sebum. If your T-Zone is oily but the rest of your face looks normal or dry, then you have combination skin.

  • Your face has a glossy or shiny appearance, and usually appears greasy as the day goes on. 你的皮肤可能总是看起来有光泽
  • 化妆品不容易粘在身上,也不容易脱落
  • You skin is more prone to breakouts, comedones (blackheads/whiteheads), or pimples. This is because the sebum (oil) mixes with dead skin cells and stuck in your pores
  • Your pores are enlarged and easy to see, especially on your nose, chin and forehead


控制油性皮肤最基本的原则就是经常洗脸, 这样可以减少皮肤上的油脂. 你使用的洗面奶很重要, because your body will want to overcompensate and produce more oil in response! Do not use cleansers that are oil or alcohol based, as those can irritate your skin.

对于油性皮肤,人们很容易用化妆品来掩盖它. 然而,某些化妆品会使症状恶化或堵塞毛孔.

保湿是很重要的,即使是油性皮肤. 然而,不要选择厚面霜或保湿霜. 特别是如果你经常洗你的皮肤, 你需要补充皮肤上流失的水分.



GSL洁面乳.matteoallegro.com/gsl-cleanser) -这个温和的配方使用温和的清洁作用, 在不刺激生产过剩的情况下去除多余的油. With Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, and Lactic acid, it will help exfoliate and remove oils!

O.R.A.C. 起重大楼(www).matteoallegro.com/orac)——这款奶油, 为日常使用设计, 提高你的氧自由基吸收能力, 从内到外改善皮肤的整体外观. More specifically, this cream also shrinks the large pores common in this skin type.

M3HA透明质酸.halecosmeceuticals.http://www.dermist-m3ha-hyaluronic) -适合油性皮肤, 清洁后保持和锁住水分至关重要! Using our Dermist M3HA will help your skin stay moist without feeling heavy or clogging pores!



There is not a clear definition for combination skin, so it could be hard to identify. 一般, people with combination skin experience the traits of both oily and dry skin on different parts of their faces. 大多数人的t区都有油性皮肤的症状, 前额:前额周围的区域, 鼻子和下巴. 干燥的皮肤在脸颊和脸的侧面更常见. Combination skin must be treated with care to avoid any extreme reaction on either the dry or oily side of the spectrum. 另一些人则认为季节会改变人的皮肤, 比如冬天皮肤干,夏天皮肤油,这就是混合性皮肤.”

The oilier parts of combination skin are caused by an over production of sebum and oils. 皮肤的干燥部分是由于这些区域缺乏皮脂造成的. The key for this skin type is to find the balance between moisturizing and clogging pores. 你不需要两个不同的例程,只需要一个正确的例程!

Lightweight moisturizers and alcohol-free cleansers are beneficial to both parts of combination skin.


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Sensitive skin can mimic other skin types and manifests itself differently among different people. 在一般情况下, sensitive skin care products are recommended if you regularly experience redness, 皮疹和发痒. Sensitive skin often feels dry or tight and can exhibit bumps and bruising as your skin is thinner than that of an average person. You might even have an allergic reaction to some ingredients commonly used in skin care products. 而其他皮肤类型则更宽容, it is critical for people with sensitive skin to follow a targeted skin care regimen.

敏感的皮肤容易发炎. 许多人有痤疮、酒渣鼻、接触性皮炎或其他皮肤病. 敏感的皮肤容易刺痛、灼烧或发痒. 虽然定义可能因人而异, 科学上敏感的皮肤类型有几个共同的特征:

  • 容易发红/发炎的
  • 皮肤过敏(荨麻疹、皮疹)
  • 已有的皮肤状况,如牛皮癣或酒渣鼻
  • 痘痘对特定物质敏感 触发器 (一种食物,压力)
  • 对酸性澳门皇冠体育高度敏感
  • 容易干燥的皮肤

People with sensitive skin can have over-reactions to certain ingredients or alcohols/acids. 干性皮肤和敏感性皮肤类型也有一些重叠. 敏感皮肤也不一定是永久性的皮肤类型! Some people may simply have a tendency to overscrub or overexfoliate their skin, 或者使用了错误的护肤品. 一旦这些行为被改变,他们的皮肤就不那么敏感了!

Because sensitive skin is touchy, the skin products you use are extremely important. 在皇冠hg会员登录店, 我们的配方中从不添加对羟基苯甲酸酯等刺激性成分, 使它们成为敏感皮肤的理想选择. 敏感皮肤受到刺激,会对酸或类维生素a产生反应.


超级淤泥面膜(http://www).matteoallegro.com/super-silk-silt-masque-dry). This product oxygenates and detoxifies skin, returning sensitive skin to its natural balance. 它重新储存必需的营养物质,使皮肤变得柔软和容光焕发.

柔面霜(http://www).matteoallegro.com/softfinish). 水分对敏感肤质至关重要. This product uses antioxidants to fight aging while protecting skin from moisture loss.

真皮去角质洁面乳(http://www).matteoallegro.com/exfoliating-cleanser). 适量使用, this gentle exfoliating cleanser promotes skin cell regeneration without any harsh irritants.

清凉眼霜(http://www).matteoallegro.com/cooling-eye-gel). 非常适合敏感肤质, this product reduces inflammation and wrinkles in the highly sensitive eye area.


关于这些或任何其他活性成分的问题,请 在线澳门皇冠体育 或者今天打电话给我们 1-800-951-7005.